5,5 seconds resonance breathing as the most effective breathing technique!

A very effective breathing technique is called resonance breathing, with which you can put the heart and circulation in a state of coherence, which is of course very helpful for physical performance. The metabolism is strengthened, and you automatically feel better and have more energy to cope with everyday life. Many breathing exercises require more time, but this breathing exercise is very simple and still has the potential to positively influence your life and health. It is important that you try to switch to nose breathing and give up mouth breathing as much as possible, as many experts tell us that only nose breathing activates the full potential of your breathing, and that mouth breathing is even harmful. We will show you step-by-step how to become a breathing professional and how to use the 5.5 second coherence method simply and effectively to optimize yourself.

  • We start with you sitting up straight and then you relax your shoulders and abdomen and exhale.
  • The next step is to breathe in gently for 5.5 seconds, expanding your stomach as the air flows into the lower part of your lungs.
  • Then, without pausing, gently exhale for 5.5 seconds and pull in your stomach as the air is expelled from your lungs. Each subsequent breath should feel like a cycle.
  • To achieve a positive effect, you should repeat the exercise at least ten times.

In fact, many apps provide instructions for this breathing technique, as many experts believe it is an ideal breathing rate that can be used almost anywhere.

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