5 Tibetans +

Short history of the creation of the 5 Tibetans

“A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one.” – Indian proverb (from the book Tony Robbins: “Life force”)

I could never completely free myself from the thought of what was the reason for the comparatively early death of my father, who was just over 60 years old. I wondered what I could do to keep myself healthy in the long term. While reading various literature, I came across the title: “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth” by Peter Kelder, which was published in Germany under the title “The Five Tibetans.”

I began to practice daily – seven days a week, every morning before work. On average, I dedicated at least 15 minutes per day to the exercises. Initially, I also practiced in the evenings before going to bed. What benefits did I notice relatively quickly in terms of energy gain? It should be noted that my average workday lasted from 8 am to 6 pm and was associated with long car rides.

After a relatively short time of practicing the five Tibetans, I could feel the positive effects on my body and psyche. After about 12 months, the benefits were clearly visible. I estimate the increase in general energy to be at least 20%. Back pain that I had since childhood disappeared. The quality of my sleep improved. I significantly shortened the breaks that were previously necessary during long car rides. Also, my ability to stay focused for an extended period of time increased significantly. However, after many years of regular practice of the Five Tibetans, I felt a certain routine and began to expand the five Tibetans with new content. This led to the creation of the 5 Tibetans+ program.

What makes the 5-Tibet program, along with the most effective exercises, so effective in terms of the time spent on energy gain? Here are some important preliminary pieces of information: The benefits of practicing 5 Tibetans+ include, among others, that:

  • 5 Tibetans+ = Activation of your life energy including sexual energy.
  • All exercises have a synchronous effect on the left and right parts of the body with the same load.
  • They promote concentration ability.
  • They keep the entire musculoskeletal system in excellent shape.
  • They increase the production of the miraculous nitric oxide (NO).
  • They increase tolerance towards the CO2 parameter and improve the result in the Bolt test.

Some important preliminary information:

Miraculous Effect: Breathing “We can survive for weeks without food, a few days without water, but only a few minutes without air. Doctors, athletes, and non-athletes often pay more attention to nutrition than to breathing. What would happen if you reversed this situation? Improve your score on the Bolt Test by 10 seconds, and you will notice that your appetite changes. Improve your result by 40 seconds, and your life will change.”

You can determine your tolerance to the CO2 parameter with the Body Oxygen Level Test (BOLT). This test helps you to ascertain your current status and track your progress over time. To measure the BOLT value, you need a stopwatch. Here are the instructions:

  1. Breathe in normally and quietly through your nose.
  2. Breathe out normally and quietly through your nose.
  3. Pinch your nose with your fingers to prevent air from entering your lungs.
  4. Stop the time when you feel the first urge to breathe.

Bolt Test 10 seconds: Ten seconds mean that the breathing is clearly audible, irregular, heavy, strained, and without natural pauses.

Bolt Test 20 seconds: Twenty seconds mean that the breathing is quite heavy but regular. With this result, both the frequency and depth of each breath are less than with a result of 10 seconds.

Bolt Test 30 seconds: Thirty seconds mean that the breathing is calm, gentle, and light.

Bolt Test 40 seconds: Forty seconds mean that the breathing is free, quiet, soft, with very low volume, and practically imperceptible (the movements of the chest and abdomen are minimal).

Miraculous Effect: Breathing and Holding Your Breath “Already in the 1st century BC, Pranayama was described in India, a technique of conscious apnea intended to promote health and prolong life. Similarly, Chinese scholars described 2000 years ago in a poem the significance of the trance state induced by holding one’s breath.” It doesn’t have to be as ambitious as in the Gheranda Samhita, an important text of Hatha Yoga from the 17th century. There, it is recommended, even at the lowest difficulty level, to inhale for 12 seconds, hold the breath for 48 seconds, and then exhale for 24 seconds. These texts show that holding one’s breath was recognized many years ago in China and India as important for human health.

Miraculous Effect: Breathing Through the Nose What does breathing through the nose accomplish? In 1998, scientists L. Ignarro, R. Furchgott, and F. Murad were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discovery regarding nitric oxide (NO) as a signaling molecule. Nitric oxide consists of just one nitrogen atom (N) and one oxygen atom (O).

Nitric Oxide (NO) and Its Effects:

  • NO is produced in particularly large amounts in the nose and sinuses.
  • With each inhalation through the nose, this colorless and odorless gas is mixed with our breathing air to unfold its healing effect.
  • NO dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, relieves the heart, and protects the vessel walls.
  • NO also acts against fungi, bacteria, and – more relevant today than ever – viruses.
  • NO sterilizes the breathing air.
  • NO improves communication between nerve cells.
  • NO works against stress and depression.
  • NO stimulates the mitochondria (the powerhouses of our cells).
  • NO is important for sexuality.
  • Even in the fight against tumors, it is of great significance.

Miraculous Effect: The 5.5 Seconds Resonance Breathing You accompany this exercise with the exercises 5 Tibetans+. However, regardless of that, you can practice this breathing technique separately under various conditions, even if you are watching TV, for example. The 5.5-second relaxation breath at the end of each exercise is performed by inhaling/exhaling and counting to 6. Here are the instructions:

  1. Sit up straight and relax your shoulders and stomach.
  2. Inhale and count to 6 gently and relaxed, which takes about 5.5 seconds on average.
  3. Exhale and count to 6 gently and relaxed, which also takes about 5.5 seconds.
  4. Repeat the process several times.

Note when practicing 5 Tibetans+: The 2nd phase using the breathing: 6/24/12

  • Perform the exercises best in the morning, before breakfast, after you have drunk a glass of water.
  • While inhaling, count to 6, do the exercise and count to 24, release the air and count to 12.
  • Do the exercises relaxed, take moderate breaths and best with a smile.
  • Thoughts create reality. It is the energy of thoughts that flows through the chakras and activates them in addition to the exercises themselves.
  • In the 2nd phase, initially perform the exercises in silence. Gradually, you can add your favorite music if the one we present does not necessarily appeal to you.
  • The PC muscles can be additionally activated during each exercise by squeezing your buttocks in time with the counting. The exercises T1.1 and T1.2 are best suited for this.
  • The numbering serves to assign the energy of the thoughts to the corresponding chakras. Moreover, chakras 4, 6, 10, 12, 16, 96, 1000 each consist of such a number of elements.

What makes the 5-Tibet program one of the most effective exercises in terms of time expenditure and energy gain?

  • 5 Tibetans+ = Activation of your life energy including sexual energy.
  • All exercises work synchronously on the left and right parts of the body with the same load.
  • It promotes concentration ability.
  • It keeps the entire musculoskeletal system in excellent shape.
  • It increases the production of the miraculous nitric oxide (NO).
  • It improves tolerance towards the CO2 parameter and enhances the result in the Bolt test.

Some additional information that directly or indirectly explains why the 5 Tibetans+ are so effective!

  • Every thought generates a unique energetic frequency since our brain emits energy in the form of electromagnetic waves during thought processes. For this reason, the activation of the chakras also represents a physical process. The Power of Thoughts:
  • Thoughts create our reality and represent invisible currents through which the billions of nerve cells “talk” to each other, i.e., receive, exchange, and process information. The Effect of Smiling:
  • Smiling relaxes and makes happy. Even a “fake” smile lifts the mood. Our brain reacts to the muscle movement and releases endorphins.
  • Redefine the understanding of meditation/meditating according to Mingyur Rinpoche’s statement: “We can meditate anywhere and at any time, even for 3 seconds, 2 seconds, while you are walking, or while you are drinking coffee or tea, even while you are meeting, you can meditate. Many people have a misunderstanding when they think of meditation… The simplest meditation training is: Be aware of your breath… Just breathe in, then breathe out, breathe in again.”


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