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Many athletes don’t reach their top form because they make a basic mistake- they train only their body and forget about the lungs which are largely responsible for our physical form!

In addition, such exercises protect us from respiratory diseases and viruses, because they strengthen both the lungs and the immune system. Therefore, people with strong lungs, even when they become sick, the course of the disease will be milder.
Our website is aimed at people who love sports, care about health, and want to stand out from other athletes with their excellent form. That’s why we focus so much on breathing exercises, because we already know how beneficial they are.


  • Japanese samurai already believed that breathing through their noses gave them strength, and those are Japanese who live the longest in the world and have the lowest death rate from infection in the world due to their superior immunity.
  • U.S. Navy Seals perform breathing exercises to keep great physical form and be able to survive severe conditions.
  • Wim Hof- broke several Guinness World Records, won summits, ran a marathon in the desert without water, sailed almost 60 m under the ice- the genius created his own breathing method and he’s a living proof that such exercises have an amazing effect on the human body.
  • In 2020, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to doctors who studied the mechanisms that take place in the human body when holding your breathing and their benefits – and these can be achieved precisely through breathing exercises!
  • The countries that have best coped with infectious diseases are those that practice Qi Gong, a set of health exercises that includes nose breathing through the diaphragm.


  1. Test yourself to see what is your fitness level. Here you will find instructions for bolt score test:
  2. There are several breathing methods, you can choose one of the following or use them alternately. It’s important to do this regularly and preferably at a certain time of day e.g. as soon as you wake up to make it a habit 😊
  3. After some regular exercise, test yourself again and see how your score has improved!
  4. Don’t stop practicing, and encouraged by positive effects, you can also think about meditation, yoga or winter swimming.

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