"Only calm in stress is real calm"

„Only calm in stress is real calm” is an attitude and philosophy of life according to the breathing coach Yasin Seiwasser which he would like to convey to all of humanity. 

This strengthens the power of the conscious and subconscious mind. Seiwasser’s philosophy is based on 35 years of intensive practice in which he combined the advantages of Zen Buddhism, various forms of yoga, Chi-Gong techniques, the power of visualization and, above all, the importance of different breathing techniques. Mental and physical blockages can be resolved through these powerful tools. The energy currents in the body are amplified and can flow freely. This means that the human mind and body can call up their full potential in all situations. Whether at work, in sports or in love relationships, these skills are essential to be successful. With the help of his philosophy of life, Seiwasser became a top athlete and he won the MMA European Championship. Nowadays he passes on his knowledge to all people who need his help. This also includes the German wrestler Frank Stäbler who, with Seiwasser’s help, overcame the Long-Covid Syndrome and managed to win the bronze medal in the weight class up to 67 kg at the Olympic Games. After only 3 months of training, he had regained his old lung volume. We are not surprised by its success, because we wrote a long time ago that the right breathing technique can greatly increase performance and that the consequences of the corona disease are also mitigated as a result. Frank Stäbler swears by so-called “power breathing”, with 180 quick breaths per minute. On our website we present our users several breathing techniques that can be integrated into everyday life at any time to improve your own athletic and mental performance because we know that a healthy body also promotes mental abilities.

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